About my blog

Yesterday Brother Hao showed us his simple blessing website for his GF(it’s really romantic!!!), then I decided to build my own blog .

En…Actually I planned to build one during the summer vacation, but as we all know I’m very lazy…At that time I want to implement the website with Python(Django or Flask). This time I need a more easier way. After investigating many other projects, I chose Hexo eventually.

The theme of my blog is light-jimliu, it’s a mature and convenient theme extending light, it has already integrated many useful widgets.

My blog is hosting on Github, so it has another Github page address.

The domain name was bought from godaddy, I buy it for 3 years, which only cost me less than 180 CNY, so I think it cheap. The DNS service is provided by DNSPod, it’s free.

BTW, I register a domain email, which is related with my QQ email.